High order close rolling bearing

High order and close rolling bearing liu hean (school of mechanical and automotive engineering of zhejiang university of science and technology, hangzhou 310023) applied to bearing design. By changing the roll shape, using high order close curve instead of circular groove, so as to improve the contact strength of the bearing, improves the heat, reducing the shaking, improves the performance and service life of rolling bearings. The research shows that the high order method is feasible on bearing.

Hertz contact stress and Reynolds fluid lubrication theory are two epoch-making academic achievements in the 20th century mechanical field. But in the past, the two theories have been used to study the surface stress and lubricating properties of each other, and not to change the contact surface itself. The author improves the surface stress and lubrication property by changing the contact surface itself. Higher-order theory closely close processing theory, including five coordinate nc gear meshing theory of close, close CAM drive theory, roll straightening theory and high order closely closely hydrodynamic lubrication theory. 5 coordinate high order nc machining via faw group mold factory.

A circular function equation x2 + (: 2 = y - magic eye: remember first derivative: 2: contact the theoretical calculation of 3 c + 2 curve tension wheel bearing 6007-2 rs raceway surface of the optimization of the optimized bearing 6007-2 rs Fig. For this study and put forward the method is feasible, the author to tension wheel bearing 6007-2 rs as example the optimization of raceway cross section curve to do a simple experiment. Before optimization, the author think again: although bearing is mature standard parts, but in view of the special working condition of non-standard design is still necessary, such as engine tension wheel bearing is. Nowadays, many manufacturers have designed the design of the tight wheel bearing, which is only for the improvement of the oil, but has little optimization of the geometrical parameters of the bearing.

- 2 rs technology parameters and deep groove ball bearing is the same, 6007 manual provided by bearing, deep groove ball bearing the basic rule of 3 mm, D2 = 53.7 mm, A = 80 mm. According to the size of the bearing such as partial view and scale enlarged, can clearly see 6007 standard deep groove ball geometry. It is the shape of the cross section curve of the bearing 6007-2rs ball rolling.

4mm, draw the bearing ball and roll curve in VB programming, print out the graph, fill the other parts of the bearing in the figure, and draw the dimensions according to the bearing technical parameters. VB programming medium proportion amplifier, bearing only = 40 mm. 4 conclusion of this study is closely following the higher-order theory in 5 axis nc machining, high order close theory in gear meshing, high order close CAM and higher-order closely manage deep groove ball bearing has been developing very mature standard parts, but for the special conditions of non-standard design or very be necessary. To this end, the author in small areas of the high speed light load bearing contact design, bearing a wide range of low speed and heavy loading and tension wheel bearing anti swing design three aspects has made the beneficial exploration, for counterparts.

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